Title: Flowing Flower

Student Name: Joseph M.

Category: Digital Art Product

Division: 6-8


The website that I have used was Pixlr. The first step that I did was use the pencil tool to draw the petals. I drew the stem of the flower then made the pot for the flower to grow in.Then I switched colors every time to make some contrast in the picture. Whenever I used the pencil tool to make different color petals I made each of them different colors to add some special characteristics to the flower. I wanted to make the flower very unique. I used to use the Pencil tool again to finish the background of the picture, which was the grass. Then I drew the sky with different shades of blue and used the sponge tool on the sky and petals. I used the sponge tool to have the petals of the flower to glow more and stick out. Then I used the pencil tool to draw some details on the petals. I then finished the drawing by adding some white dots as stars.

Product Entry:

STLP Product