Rebecca Prater

Rebecca Prater, Baker Intermediate

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Mrs. Rebecca Prater! Mrs. Prater is Baker's amazing school nurse! Nurse Prater says, "I love the days at Baker when I have a day when I am aware of how the care I give has impacted a child’s life...those moments when I see that my intervention truly made a difference - a smile appears after tears or a soul settles after distress." Thank you, Nurse Prater, for taking care of our students and staff!

Cafeteria Staff

Cafeteria Staff, Baker Intermediate

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize the amazing cafeteria staff at Baker Intermediate: Ms. Tammy Barnes, Ms. Cathy Towles, Ms. Jackie Watkins, Ms. Britany Newland, Ms. Linda Stephens, Ms. Doris Agee, Ms. Pam Borders, and Ms. Sophie Ballard. These ladies work hard each day to serve our students with a hot breakfast and lunch! We appreciate all they do for our students each day!

Ruth Ann Gatewood

Ruth Ann Gatewood, Baker Intermediate

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Ms. Ruth Ann Gatewood! Ms. Gatewood is the ELL coordinator at BIS. Ms. Gatewood says, "Every morning when I open my eyes to sunlight filtering through my window, I silently say to myself, 'Today is another day, a day I have never seen before, a chance to do something in the life of a child. What better time spent could there be than knowing, in an authentically humble way, I am a part of something GRAND - full of promising hope of tomorrows where imagination, wonder, creativity, joys, and fresh spirit breathe.'" Thank you, Ms. Gatewood, for all you do for our students!

Jill Patrick

Jill Patrick, Baker Intermediate and Conkwright Elementary

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Mrs. Jill Patrick. Mrs. Patrick serves as the speech therapist for Baker Intermediate School and Conkwright Elementary. Mrs. Patrick says, "Baker provides such a positive atmosphere for students to learn and be themselves. It is fulfilling to witness the progress students make in the two years they are at Baker. The staff is remarkable with their constant support and creativity that amazes me daily. Very proud to be a part of the Bulldog family!” Thank you, Mrs. Patrick, for your hard work and dedication to our students!

Sherida Jacobs

Sherida Jacobs, Baker Intermediate

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Mrs. Sherida Jacobs. Mrs. Jacobs is one of Baker's amazing secretaries! Mrs. Jacobs says, "I am thankful to be working at Baker because we have the best students and staff anywhere, and the encouraging, supportive atmosphere makes it an awesome place to come to each day." Thank you, Mrs. Jacobs, for all you do each day for our staff and students!

Bryce Stephens

Bryce Stephens, Baker Intermediate

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Mr. Bryce Stephens! Mr. Stephens is an AmeriCorp tutor and has the opportunity to work with both 5th and 6th grade students in small groups and co-teach with our math and reading teachers. Mr. Stephens says, "I love my job here because the staff is knowledgeable, funny, supportive, and creates an environment that is fun to work in. I look forward to coming in for the students and helping them learn in many different ways, and making sure that no student feels left out or neglected." Thank you, Mr. Stephens for your hard work and positive attitude each day!

Cindy Whiteside

Cindy Whiteside, Baker Intermediate

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Mrs. Cindy Whiteside! Mrs. Whiteside is the 5th grade counselor at Baker. Mrs. Whiteside says, "I get the opportunity to work with students, helping them learn how to solve problems and form healthy relationships. Some of our students are without many of the luxuries so many of us take for granted. Often times we can’t change these circumstances, but if we can help them feel loved and genuinely cared about during the time they are with us, then we are doing something right. When you see a student’s situation change for the better, being a school counselor can be very rewarding. It is often an entire group of people working together to make that happen, and I am grateful I get to be part of that team. Our school, as well as our community, has some of the most caring, hardworking people I’ve ever known and that makes all the difference for our students." Thank you, Mrs. Whiteside, for your hard work and dedication to our students!

Custodial Staff, Baker Intermediate
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Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize the outstanding custodians at BIS! Harvey Spry, Mark Puckett, Larry Spengler, and Steve Johnson work hard to keep Baker looking its best for the staff and students. They are willing to help out wherever needed. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Baker!

Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson, Baker Intermediate

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Mrs. Joyce Johnson! Mrs. Johnson is the receptionist at Baker. She enjoys working with the students and staff and loves helping people. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson, for keeping the Baker office running smoothly!

Tracy Bates

Tracy Bates, Baker Intermediate

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Ms. Tracy Bates! Ms. Bates is Baker's wonderful library assistant! Ms. Bates says, “I enjoy my job because I get to see all the kids in the school. It’s also a peaceful place.” Thanks for all you do, Ms. Bates!

Emily Daniels

Emily Daniels, Baker Intermediate Counselor

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Ms. Emily Daniels. Ms. Daniels is Baker’s 6th grade counselor. Ms. Daniels says, “I love my job at Baker because of the amazing students I get to work with each day. Seeing the students becoming great citizens and showing such good character is a blessing.” Thanks for all of your hard work, Ms. Daniels!

Natalie Thomas

Natalie Thomas, Baker Intermediate

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate would like to recognize Ms. Natalie Thomas. Ms. Thomas is an instructional assistant for both 5th and 6th grade. She is also the School Technology Coordinator. Ms. Thomas says, “I love doing this job when I see students years later become successful adults. It takes a village to help these students to become successful, and I love being part of that.”


Sherida Jacobs

Sherida Jacobs, BIS Secretary and Bookkeeper

Baker Intermediate and CCPS would like to recognize Mrs. Sherida Thomas Jacobs, BIS Secretary and Bookkeeper. Mrs. Sherida has been a dedicated employee of Clark County Public Schools for over 25 years! Always kind, helpful, and hardworking, it's easy to see why she's a favorite among students, staff, and parents! In addition to her important role at BIS, Mrs. Sherida is a proud mother and grandmother who loves UK basketball and has a talent for baking and beautifully decorating cakes! We proudly salute Mrs. Sherida Jacobs! #BelieveInspireSucceed

Deb Condley

Deb Condley, Baker Intermediate Library Media Specialist

Baker Intermediate and Clark County Public Schools would like to recognize Library Media Specialist, Ms. Deb Condley! Ms. Condley has dedicated her life's work to ensuring that all students enjoy coming to the library to develop their love of reading. Ms. Condley also serves as the sponsor of the BIS Morning News Show. Ms. Condley is always willing to help students and staff, making her a great Wing-Woman! In addition to her duties at BIS, Ms. Condley is a mother and grandmother who makes delicious fudge and can crochet just about anything under the sun!

Susan Jacobs

Susan Jacobs, Baker Intermediate Assistant Principal

Batman has Robin, Thelma has Louise, Maverick has Goose, and Mounts has Jacobs. On behalf of Baker Intermediate, Principal Josh Mounts would like to recognize BIS Assistant Principal, Ms. Susan Jacobs, as the Ultimate Wingman. No matter the task, the journey, or the cost, Susan is always willing to tackle any obstacle to ensure our students, staff, and school are succeeding. Susan is high quality and low maintenance. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic are second to none. Thank you, Ms. Jacobs, for all you do for the BIS family!

Kelly Centers

Kelly Centers, Preschool Instructional Assistant

Clark County Preschool and CCPS would like to recognize instructional assistant Kelly Centers. This is Kelly’s 2nd year at the Clark County Preschool. Her current assignment consists of helping meet the instructional needs of 55 students among three classrooms. She is always “On the Go”! Thank you for all that you do, Kelly!

Mary Grashel

Mary Grashel, Preschool Administrative Assistant

Clark County Preschool and CCPS would like to recognize administrative assistant Mary Grashel. This is Mary’s 18th year at the Clark County Preschool.  Mary might be better known to many as “Mother Mary”. Outside of ensuring Principal Loscheider stays “on-task”, she assists with student records, processing transportation changes, planning Toyota Born Learning events, and serving on the CCPS Safety Committee. Thank you Mary for all that you do to ensure the success of the Clark County Preschool!

Nancy Metz

Nancy Metz, Preschool Instructional Assistant

Clark County Preschool and CCPS would like to recognize instructional assistant Nancy Metz. She is often described by her co-workers as “a team player who anticipates needs and goes above and beyond for students, families, and staff.” Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Nancy!

Mary Anne Smith

Mary Anne Smith, Preschool Instructional Assistant

Clark County Preschool and CCPS would like to recognize instructional assistant Mary Anne Smith. This is Mary Anne’s first year at the Clark County Preschool. You may recognize her from her days as a crossing guard. Mrs. Smith goes the extra-mile for her students and their families, literally! After a family fun night, for example, Mrs. Smith noticed a mother walking home alone with her three young children. Mrs. Smith accompanied the family home on the 3-mile journey. Thank you, Mrs. Smith! Go Baby Cards!


Michelle Sands Lois Stidham 

Michelle Sands and Lois Stidham, Transportation Dept.

Danny Fisher, David Nichols, Donald Stump, and all of CCPS would like to recognize Michelle Sands and Lois Stidham from the Transportation Department as "Wing-man Wednesday" employees. Michelle Sands is currently serving in her 16th year as our Head Driver Trainer Instructor and Dispatcher. Lois Stidham is currently serving in her 10th year as our Pre-School Routing Coordinator and Dispatcher. These ladies work diligently everyday to ensure that the transportation needs of our students are met. Great job, ladies!

Lacey Branham 

Lacey Branham, Baker Intermediate Instructional Assistant

Clark County Public Schools and Baker Intermediate School would like to recognize instructional assistant Lacey Branham. Lacey joined the BIS staff after the start of the 2015-2016 school year and has done a terrific job helping students in the classroom. Ms. Branham has been an excellent addition to the Baker Family. Great job, Lacey! Keep up the great work!

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson, Finance Dept. Account Clerk

Kim Anderson is our "Finance Wingman"! Kim is the veteran employee in the Finance department, having been with the district for over 10 years! Kim is a GRC High School graduate; after spending several years in banking, she came to work for the Clark County School system. Some of her job responsibilities are processing accounts payable for the district, researching invoices for vendors, keeping track of all credit card purchases, and keeping a W-9 on file for all active vendors. Kim is also responsible for making daily deposits, processing the mail, and some front desk duties, just to name a few. Kim is always so kind and willing to jump in and help when asked, and she has a great attendance record. Please join Clark County Public Schools in celebrating Kim!!



GRC Cafeteria Manager Tina Banks and the entire GRC Cafeteria Staff

Clark County Public Schools and the School Nutrition Dept. would like to recognize GRC Cafeteria manager Tina Banks and her staff for the outstanding job they do serving students every day. In particular, we would especially like to recognize them for their hard work and dedication to serving students for our Holiday Meals. Tina and her staff take great pride in serving a wonderful meal to the students and staff at GRC. They make it special for the students because they know that not all students get to enjoy a traditional holiday meal. On the day of the Thanksgiving meal they served 1,081 students, and on the day of the Christmas Holiday Meal, they served 1,083 students. These were the highest participation days for the month of November and December, so it is plain to see that the students love the holiday meals as much as Tina and her staff love serving it!


Campbell Custodial Staff

Campbell Junior High Custodians and "waxing crew"

The Campbell Junior High Custodial Staff and "waxing crew" deserve a huge shout-out for continuously working to get the newly-renovated "C" Wing ready for the upcoming semester... it's looking fantastic!


Roy Dunaway

Roy Dunaway, Baker Lead Custodian

Baker Intermediate and CCPS salute Lead Custodian, Mr. Roy Dunaway! Roy has worked in the Clark County Public School System for 18 years. No matter what is asked, no matter the time, no matter the day, Mr. Dunaway is ALWAYS ready to tackle the task at hand. In addition to his daily duties, Roy serves as a mentor for several students at Baker Intermediate. Respected by students, teachers, and staff, Mr. Dunaway is a vital part of the daily operations and success of BIS!


Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson, Baker Receptionist

Baker Intermediate would like to recognize school receptionist, Mrs. Joyce Johnson. With over 35 years of service in education, Mrs. Joyce has dedicated her life to helping students, teachers, and schools achieve their goals. In 1990, Joyce joined the Clark County School system and has worked tirelessly ever since. Anyone at BIS will tell you, we would not know what to do without Mrs. Joyce. Thank you for all you do! Take a bow, Mrs. Joyce! We appreciate all that you do to keep BIS going!

Joann Wasson Jessica Fenwick

Joann Wasson and Jessica Fenwick, Maintenance Dept.

Donald Stump and David Nichols would like to recognize Joann Wasson and Jessica Fenwick as our Maintenance Dept. Wing-Men. They go above and beyond for our department... Thanks, Ladies!

World Milk Day image World Milk Day image

Diana Spicer, Baker Cafeteria Manager

I would like to give a huge “Shout Out” and “Thank You” to Diana Spicer, cafeteria manager at Baker Intermediate, for hosting World Milk Day on September 30, 2015.  Diana went above and beyond for this event to promote student health and milk consumption.  Winchester Farms Dairy representatives came to Baker during lunch time and brought a “Cow” to greet the students!  The promotion was a huge success as the staff encouraged students to drink milk daily.


Vickie Pergram

Vickie Pergram, Conkwright Elementary Receptionist and Bookkeeper

Ms. Pergram is Conkwright's front office receptionist and bookkeeper. She is an extremely important part of the day to day running of the school. She comes to Conkwright from Pilot View where she had been the secretary/bookkeeper for 27 years. During that time she was also an instructional assistant.

Marilyn Johnson

Marilyn Johnson, Conkwright Elementary Attendance Clerk

Ms. Johnson has worked with the district for 24 years. She began at Trapp Elementary School as a computer lab assistant and then as an instructional assistant. When she left Trapp in the spring of 2014, she was the attendance clerk. She is an important part of the office staff at Conkwright Elementary School as the attendance clerk. She helps in the front office greeting visitors and does any and all jobs requested of her around the school.


Sherri Howard, Central Office Receptionist

Sherri Howard is the receptionist at Central Office. She has a bright and friendly smile whenever you enter the building and a caring, helpful voice when answering the phone. She is ready to assist and help the needs of all patrons that visit or phone Central Office.

Paula Thomas, Shearer Elementary Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

Mrs. Thomas is an Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper at Shearer Elementary. Mrs. Thomas goes beyond the call of duty to help all students, parents, and staff. Mrs. Thomas made the transition to Shearer a smooth one for everyone and continues to provide support to all stakeholders. Mrs. Thomas is an integral part of the Shearer Team and the Shearer Family.

Julie Ullery, Justice Elementary School Nurse

Julie Ullery is the school nurse at Justice Elementary. Not only does she spend her day tending to ill students, but she is extraordinary in that she turns visits to the nurse into learning opportunities for our students! We are blessed to have Nurse Julie as a Justice Jaguar!