Title: Life and Death

Student Name: Landon R.

Category: Digital Art Product

Division: 6-8


For my DPOJ project, I chose to do a digital art product. First, I created an outline for a speckled frog with the pencil tool. I used the color dark-green. I then proceeded to put in a spot of underbelly under the neck, like the speckled frog has as an underbelly pattern. After that, I proceeded to work on the main organs, those organs being the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. For this, I also used the pencil tool, and the colors that are used in most human or frog body system models, like red, blue, light brown, pink,etc. Next, I proceeded to add arteries, veins, and nerves to the body, using the pencil tool, once again, using the colors dark red, red, and blue. I spread them throughout the body, making the nerves start at the brain, and the arteries/veins at the heart. Finally, I noticed that the background was lacking, so I added a brain in a background at the bottom, with the brain color, and nerves coming out with the same color as before. I chose to do this project because I recently found out that we were going to dissect a frog, and I love nature/science, so I just drew this as my project.  

Product Entry:

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